Do I have to consult my child’s paediatrician before letting my child join the program?

We do encourage all parents to consult the paediatrician first prior signing up. Football is a very active sport. At least we should consider whether your child’s health is up to par with the program to avoid any unpleasant events that the intense training might cause your child.

What is the best age to start football training?

As early as three years old, you can introduce your child to football, the younger, the better. However, the intense level of training should be considered. Utregfanatic focuses on age groups from 7 years old to 15 years old.

Do you provide training shirts and items?

Yes, we have partnered with customs shops for the shirts. We order in bulk so the entire outfit comes withspecial discounts. The other items that they might need for the training will be provided by you.

My kid is aloof and an introvert, is it okay to enrol them in training classes such as this?

Definitely. Sports can help in certain personalities and behaviour. It is actually better if you enrol them in training classes that involve socialization to improve their interaction with other kids.

Will the training affect my child’s performance in school?

We got a lot of feedback that after training camps, their children perform better in school. The coaches of Utregfanatic not only give importance to the sport, but they also encourage the kids to study harder. We teach them the value of hard work and resilience when things get tough.

Do you compete in tournaments? Can my child also play?

Utregfanatic competes in tournaments and gathers the best players we trained. If your child shows impeccable determination, definitely he can join the tournament and experience the real game.