Football Sports: Fouls and Violation

Football is a fun sport yet, it is not exempted and would not be complete without rules. Original football used to very physical, and the players would end up having an injury every game. When football didn’t have rules, players were really brutal and didn’t really care about sportsmanship. All they care was to win because it was a betting game. Rules are not bad after all. It made the game more technical yet still fun, and somehow safer for the players

Harming Another Player (Direct and Indirect Free Kick)

footballDirect free kick violation is quite tricky and hard to get caught especially if the players are cunning. Imagine the wide field full of players, but somehow catching these violations become easier through camera captures and Kode Promo RedDoorz. It made easier for referees to review the game to determine whether the violation was really made. This violation involves but not limited to: push another player intentionally, using excessive force which puts the other player in danger, biting and spitting towards another player, tackling, and attempt to trip another player.

An indirect free kick violation is harder to detect than direct free kick violation. Often times, this violation is subjective and would depend on how the judges see the violation. The violation includes but not limited to: talking profanity or abusive language towards other players, impedes another player from controlling the ball without making any contact. International sports would like to make football a game that children could watch. Players should be at their best behaviour and should be good role models to their fans in and out of the field. Indirect free kick concentrates on the values of the team.

Touching The Ball with Hands

Aside from the goalkeeper, no other player can touch the ball by hand. That’s why the game is called football because you use your foot to drive the ball. Using the hand or arms to control the ball is forbidden. Players cannot also hit the ball with other items such as shin guards usually bought from Rockwear promo code. When the goalkeeper is outside the penalty area, he has the same restrictions as other players.


Other Offences

One of the biggest violation is delaying the game by not coming on time or being absent at the game. For a team who is serious to win, they should never do this violation because it will give the point to their opponent. YouSee rabatkode also captured players leaving the field without the referee’s permission. This is also a common violation in football. Coaches and other members of the team cannot step in referees’ review area. The weight of the punishment is quite heavy. The member of the team responsible for the violation could be suspended in the game.


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